Why I don’t watch the news anymore

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One of my favourite movies. Filth (2013)

I share these thoughts because I really believe it’s important to question something as big and influencing as watching the news.

When you think about it, the main goal of the media companies selling the news is not to tell us “what is happening in the world” but to make profit through selling advertisement.

To sell advertisement they need our attention.

To get our attention some news work better than other.

Unfortunately, good news do not sell, so the majority of the news we listen to depict a very bad world and focus only on the negative stuff happening.

That is a problem because as humans, we are highly influenced by everything we listen to, we watch and we we talk about.

If you constantly buy into the view of the world depicted by the news, you probably get a very bad one.

It’s not very easy to be grateful for the world we live in if we only hear about the negative stuff.

The thing is, everyday in the world good things and bad things happen. It’s our choice what do we want to focus on.

It’s not about ignoring the bad. It’s about choosing to foster the good.

Also, reading the news often seems to be “essential” to know about the world around us but it’s definitely not.

Having an opinion about the world it’s quite useless. Acting in order to change stuff it’s what really matters.

What do we do with all these information we receive about issues happening in the world? How do we use them?

Usually we talk about something for a few days and then we forget about it. We go on with our lives, like nothing happened.

That’s not the attitude I want to have towards life. I rather focus on one problem and try to solve it with the resources I’ve got.

As a consumer, I think it’s important to unplug from the (mainly) negative influence of the media and to start to focus on the good examples and be one ourselves.

Author: Dario Villirilli

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