The Fine Art of Finding One’s Own Space

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Morro Dois Irmãos — Rio De Janeiro

Have you ever felt confined by the reality you are living?
Have you ever felt the need to change it somehow?

I felt that way about my life-after-studying.
After working a few months, I decided to travelled to South America.

For many reasons:
Yes, I wanted to be inspired by beautiful places.
Yes, I wanted to learn important soft-skills.
Yes, I wanted to meet interesting people.

But most importantly, I needed some space.

Space to break free from the conditioning of the society I was raised in:

From the idea that life is linear.
From my parents’ expectations about my future.
From the need to keep a job for the sake of economic security.

So I left my job, travelled a few months and came back. Great.

Am I free now? No, but I have much more space. Space to think independently and choose what’s best for me.

Whatever is limiting you in the present, don’t let it define your future. Break the pattern, find your own space.

It’s much more fun, anyway!

Author: Dario Villirilli

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