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Street Art in London, UK.

Creativity is a gift we all have. A super-power at our disposal to express ourselves.

Yet, most of us hardly tap into it.

It doesn’t make any sense, because when we do express ourselves creatively, we usually enjoy it very much.

But then we say to ourselves:
If I only had pursued this studies
If I only could make money out of this
If I only had more followers

And we kind of put it aside, hiding behind excuses, as if our creative work was to be exhibited in an art gallery.

But being creative is so much more than that!

It’s an opportunity to let ourselves to be seen and connect with each other on a daily basis: it’s the way you dress, your choice of words, the way you move, your irony, your Instagram Stories, the notes you leave for other people to read, the emails you send at work to make someone laugh, the drawings you make when you get bored, the pictures you are inspired to take with your phone and so much more.

There are millions of opportunities we can seize to be creative. And we don’t need permission to do it: our creativity is ours to do anything we want with it.

Even if we feel like we’re not in touch with it anymore, our creative power is always there for us to use it: it might just need a little bit of dusting.

So let’s make creativity a priority in our lives and let’s bring it back to LIFE!


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