Meditation Is Like Morpheus From The Matrix: It Gives You a Choice.

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If you could choose, would you rather..

..have a good day or a bad day? your own friend or your own enemy?

..let go of problems or dwell on them?

The good news is that we all have this choice. The bad is that we are not always able to make it.

Meditation helps you out. It gives you that choice. Kind of like Morpheus in The Matrix.


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In the beginning, you have little or no control over your mind. It’s like a river of thoughts, it’s overwhelming. You can’t step out of it. Sometimes it brings you to nice places, sometimes to ugly ones. You start suffering more than you have pleasure. Something has to change. You start to meditate, to slow down, to be quiet, to observe, to be present. The course of the river narrows down. The water flows slower. It’s already a better journey.


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You keep meditating and at some point, you manage to step out of the water. You are now observing the stream of your thoughts from the outside. There comes detachment!!! You are no longer your thoughts, but the consciousness behind them! HOLY MOLY. Now what?!


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You can’t stay out of the water for long. But if you are not your thoughts, then you can choose them! Let’s go with a positive stream of thoughts.

Not because you are hippie, because it serves you better.

Let’s be clear: even if you meditate, life it’s not going to be all flowers and fairy tales. But..

It’s gonna be a much more exciting, intense, peaceful, inspiring journey.

Meditation is a powerful tool. It’s free, available to everyone, in every place in every given moment. Why not to give it a chance? :)

Huge thank you to Carla (@carliu87 on Intagram) for the super beautiful drawings ❤ :)

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