How to find purpose after University

When I finished my studies I had no idea about what to do with my life.

This is what has helped me so far to get more clarity in trying to find purpose and meaning in life.

It is key to stop looking for it in the job positions available out there, and starting to look within instead. Start from yourself, from what makes you unique.

That means to start to answer the question: “How can I create value in this world?

To answer that question, three steps are helping me the most so far:

1. Define what you are good at. Your best skills. Develop them as much as possible.

2. Define what is meaningful to you. Something you feel like “this is worth doing, sharing, investigating, talking about” and so on.

Combine the two. Use your best skills to do something meaningful. Take as much action as possible in that direction in order to get practical feedback and improve the process.

3. Invest in yourself and challenge yourself.
Keep growing, keep learning. Invest in yourself. Do the things you want to do because you feel you can learn something out of them, not because you want to put them on your CV.

Repeat all the steps in order to get more and more clarity.

Enjoy the struggle and never settle! :D

Author: Dario Villirilli

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