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There is a quote by Richard P. Feynman that says:

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

I find this to be very true.

On the path of our personal growth, we often fool ourselves thinking that we already did the hard work: we faced our challenges and we are now free to just enjoy life.

“Look at all that progress! — we tell ourselves — We must have figured it out.”

That is the moment when we fall again.

Reality slaps us.

Life: “Look, this area of your life is still a mess.”
Me: “What?! I thought I took care of that!”
Life: “No, you didn’t.”
Me: “But [blablablabla]!”
Life: “…”
Me: “Really?”
Life: “Really.”
Me: “Fuck.”

And you get back to work on yourself.

Discomfort, resistance, frustration or any manifestation of fear in general is a signpost to show us the way forward.

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Where there is effort, we must create flow.
Where there is confusion, we must seek clarity.
Where there is negligence, we must take action.

It’s hard to accept the idea that we are fully responsible for our life, especially considering that we grew up leaning on other people.

But that’s just how life works: inner world creates outer world.
Every problem on the outside has to be solved first on the inside.

The tool to do it it’s called awareness.

Awareness means choice.
Choice means responsibility.
Responsibility means alignment.

And when you are aligned with life, that’s when you’re a real badass!

So don’t be a fool, it’s a long way home!

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